If you’re ready to kick your sales into high gear, there are some things you need to know.

Lead generation marketing (LGM) is one of the most successful strategies for converting strangers into customers. It can make or break your revenue goals for this month.

You can easily implement LGM strategies into your existing strategies, you just have to know where to start and what to look out for.

To find out how LGM can improve your sales, traffic, and overall success, keep reading.

What is Lead Generation Marketing?

This strain of marketing focuses on enticing potential customers into wanting to learn more about your products/services and then nurturing them into purchasers.

A lead is someone that has shown interest already; a hot lead is someone who’s ready to buy.

Here are 5 things you need to know about LGM:

1. Lead Qualifications

Each visitor who comes to your website doesn’t qualify as a lead.

The general rule of thumb when it comes to qualifying leads is if they trust you with their information, they could potentially be nurtured to buy.

They could give you their information through contact forms, entering a giveaway, or the form that allows them to download your freebie. Once you have their email/address/full name, you have a lead.

2. Should You Buy Leads?

The short answer is no.

While it may be simpler to purchase leads, those “leads” have not intentionally signed up to receive emails from you. You can pay for a list of customer emails, but there’s a high chance many of them will mark your emails as spam.

Use lead generation marketing to create your own leads by gaining authentic and truly interested customers.

3. CTA Placement

Your website should have ample opportunities for visitors to give their information in exchange for a service.

Every page should have an option for the visitor to either sign up for a newsletter, receive a freebie product, a free eBook, or free trial of your service. Use your call-to-action as a chance to hook visitors with a freebie in return for their info.

The placement of your CTAs is just as important as the content itself.

CTAs are commonly clicked on by leads that are interested but want more information. These are the perfect opportunities to nurture and guide your leads into purchasing.

4. Social Media for LGM

You can use your social media platforms to further optimize your LGM.

Consider running a contest on your account to engage with your audience, teach them about your products/services, and receive their information in return.

Ensure every link you post on social media to your website goes to a landing page with the most successful CTAs you have.

Include contact buttons on each profile that allows it; Facebook lets you choose a custom CTA for the top of your page.

5. SEO for LGM

If you want to show up in your leads’ Google searches, you must have the best possible SEO on your website. Research the keywords that people searching in your niche are using, and place them strategically throughout your website content.

Ensure the usability of your website is optimized, especially for mobile searches.

Interested in Learning More?

Lead generation marketing and SEO are important components of running a successful website. Using them properly can significantly increase your sales.

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