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Top 5 Tried and True Methods of Finding Strong Online Leads

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Did you know that 69% of business owners report generating leads as their biggest marketing challenge?

If you’re struggling with finding leads yourself, you’re far from alone. Having a solid website and a good marketing plan is vital, but it’s not always enough to bring in strong online leads.

Wondering how to generate leads and, even more importantly, turn them into customers? Here are five proven tips.

1. Revamp Your Website

Your first stop on the lead sourcing highway is your website.

94% of people place more importance (at least initially) on good web design over content. Take a careful look at your website. Is it visually appealing and easy to navigate?

If not, most visitors will go elsewhere.

Once you’ve drawn them into your site, your next step is to make it work for you 24/7. Is your contact information readily available (with encouragement to contact you)? Does each page and blog entry include a strong call-to-action?

You don’t want to bombard your visitors with CTAs or endless forms and questions, but you do want to engage them and keep them on your site.

2. Create Stellar Content

How regularly do you post to your blog? How valuable is the information you’re providing? Do you even have a company blog?

A blog can increase the amount of traffic to your website by over 55%. Every person who takes time to read your blog has the potential to become a lead — and then a customer.

If you’re stumped, think of common questions you hear about your product or industry. Then provide clear, concise answers in the form of a written blog, video, or infographic.

3. Focus on SEO

When’s the last time you Googled your own company? This is a terrific way to understand exactly what your potential leads are seeing when they search for you.

Does your business appear on the first page of search results? Does it appear correctly on maps? How many reviews do you have on sites like Yelp (and have you responded to them)?

If your business is getting lost on the information superhighway, it’s time to refocus on your SEO efforts. How can you generate strong leads when no one can find you in the first place?

4. Stay Active on Social Media

Once you’ve got a solid website and great content on your blog, what’s your next step? Share it!

If you haven’t already, create business profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These are the perfect platforms to share your content and attract new leads to your business.

5. Don’t Forget Traditional Methods

We’ve talked a lot about how to generate leads using blogs, SEO, and social media. But this doesn’t mean those older tried-and-true methods aren’t still valid.

Many businesses are having great success using direct mail, email marketing, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. You might also consider a referral program that gives current customers an incentive to recommend your business to others.

Need Help Finding Online Leads?

If you’re struggling with online leads, don’t despair. Try incorporating these tips into your marketing plan and you’re sure to see results.

Of course, you also don’t have to go it alone. Here at Polaris Webmasters, we can help with every aspect of your company’s online presence — including lead sourcing.

Click here to ask us a question or schedule a free consultation.

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