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The Best Web Design Trends Throughout 2018

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They say first impressions matter. And in the world of web design, it takes visitors less than two-tenths of a second to form an opinion of your brand based on your website.

Two-tenths of a second!

And if your web design is lacking, that could mean leads and money down the drain for your business.

So how do you get web visitors to say, “You had me at hello”? Read on to discover the best web design trends throughout 2018.

1. Custom Illustrations

Stock photography has taken a backseat to the more personal side of custom illustrations. Businesses find illustrations are a fun way to inject personality into a website while still being able to communicate a message to their audience.

Imagery that may be hard to stage in a photo can be easily captured in an illustration using the exact colors, shapes, and style desired.

This trend is the perfect balance of functionality and personality. And can set your website apart from the competition.

2. Mobile-Friendly

Smartphones have become a way of life. More and more people are browsing the internet through their phones. That means websites are having to focus on being mobile responsive.

Designing one website that works well on both the desktop and mobile device is easier than creating separate versions. Mobile versions have all the same content as the desktop, but arranged differently for the smaller screen.

And keeping the mobile experience just as impressive as the desktop is important. Consumers won’t stick around if your mobile site is disappointing.

3. Bold Typography

Using a unique font is another way for businesses to convey personality, give visual interest, and set the tone for their brand.

Device resolutions are only getting sharper, enabling custom and bold typography to become a more powerful tool. Businesses can draw the eye of customers to important words and information on the website. Or they can use it to simply create design drama and make a visual statement.

4. Broken Grid Layouts

In the quest to offer a unique experience to audiences, broken grid layouts have become an innovative web design. The broken grid is all about asymmetry, which is a stark contrast to the traditional, predictable layouts in the past.

Businesses who want to stand out from their competition and establish themselves as out-of-the-box thinkers like the broken grid. It’s fun, unexpected, and gives their audience an engaging website experience.

5. Integrated Animation

More websites are moving away from the boring static images of traditional pages. Integrating animation is a new way of capturing the attention of audiences in a fun yet productive way.

Animation can entertain the visitor while a page is loading. They can direct the attention of the visitor to an important part of the page. Animation can be part of the scrolling process or serve as the focal point of the website itself.

It’s another way to add personality and uniqueness into the competitive world of internet business.

Let The 2018 Web Design Trends Bring Your Website up to a Whole New Level

Capturing the attention of website visitors from the get-go is so important. And by using these web design trends, your website will finally represent your business in the way it deserves.

Ready to build a new website? Or improve the one you already have? Contact us today! We’d love show you how a professional and polished website can make your business money.

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