Engaged users buy 90% more frequently than other customers.

The same principle applies to websites. The higher your user engagement, the more likely those engaged users are to convert and become clients. But how can you encourage users to interact with the content on your website?

Here are 3 jumping-off points to increase your website’s user engagement!

Link Internally

Internal linking is a key component of SEO. But it’s also a great tool to drive user engagement.

Think of it like Wikipedia. You go there to look up one thing and wind up with fifty tabs open on a dozen tangential subjects. The ultimate sign of a super engaging website is a user buried under a pile of tabs.

There’s an art to internal linking. Your anchor text should be as unambiguous as possible.

In other words, your users should be able to tell what sort of content they’ll be linked to if they click on your anchor text. Ambiguous anchor text is the quickest way to break your users’ trust because you’re sending them somewhere they don’t expect.

Internal linking can be included throughout your content, but the end of your posts deserve special consideration. If a user has made it to the end of a story or blog post, they’re likely invested enough to keep engaging with your site. Including an internal link as a call-to-action is a great strategy for keeping them on-site and engaged.

Optimize Your Website Design

The design of your website plays a big part in user behavior and engagement. Your website should be easy to navigate, easy to read, and optimized across all platforms.

Mobile users account for 56% of all web traffic. Making sure your website is easy to read on phones and tablets is essential in today’s mobile world.

Savvy web design can also serve to funnel users toward certain actions. A well-designed form at the bottom of a blog post can act as a digital invitation to comment. Clear methods to navigate to popular posts are likely to keep users internally linking, and therefore, engaging with your website for longer.

Interact with Your Visitors

Website maintenance isn’t just about monitoring one’s website for technical breakdowns. It’s also about ensuring your visitors don’t go ignored. You must make sure to interact with users who do take the time to engage.

Replying to comments, at the very least, is an absolute must if you want to engage your users. Replying gives users a sense of reward for the effort they’ve extended by interacting on your page.

Along the same vein, if you’ve gone to the trouble of setting up an email list, don’t neglect it.

Users have extended their digital hand by signing up to your list. Reward them with regular, user-friendly emails and you’ll find that your engagement flourishes.

User Engagement Can Drive a Website Forward

Great user engagement is one of the best goals your website can strive for. With savvy internal linking practices, a beautifully optimized website, and solid interaction on your part, your engagement will practically drive itself.

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