If you’re reading this guide, maybe you’re among the “43% of global internet WordPress users.” Your WordPress Blog or ecommerce site gets organic traffic, but it’s not converting into sales and leads. So perhaps popup ads are the answer. Adding WordPress popups to catch your audience’s attention is a business must. But the first step in engaging your target audience is to engage yourself with this guide.

Understanding the benefits of popups can help your business thrive. You invested in a high-ranking WordPress website. Now invest some time in mastering WordPress popups.

Understanding Popup Ads

Popup modals are webpage extras that can flash messages and images. Sometimes a website with beautiful photos and helpful writing isn’t enough to motivate your audience. However, a WordPress popup can contain images and content marketing that your audience can’t ignore.

To implement a WordPress popup, you don’t have to be a WordPress developer. There are many user-friendly plugins to create and set up popup modals.

  • Icegram
  • Elementor Pro
  • Sumo
  • Ninja Popups

Other notable WordPress popup plugins are TrustPulse and Bloom. After installing your plugin, it’s then time to design your WordPress popup.

Designing a WordPress Popup

Maintaining your website’s theme with your WordPress popup is a good practice. Most popup modal plugins allow you to create different types of popups from scratch.

Onload Modal Popup

An onload modal popup comes into view when your web page loads. However, you can typically add a delay to your WordPress popup. Adding a popup delay is wise if your page loading lags.

But, keep in mind that slow-loading websites harm your SEO. It also drives away your target audience. Popup modals don’t matter without effective SEO services.

Scrolling Popup Modals

Scrolling WordPress popups trigger when a visitor encounters a certain page point. Most scrolling ad popups can appear in the middle of the screen or from the side.

Keep in mind that misplaced ads might annoy your target audience. Unhappy web visitors add to your “WordPress site’s bounce rate.” Consider scrolling popup modals to give them a chance to engage your site.

Click-Through Popups

Another way to drive your web visitors where you want them to go is through a click-through popup. Click-Through modals usually apply to newsletter subscription forms. If you visit our web traffic blog, you can read our blog and find invaluable lead generation tips.

Modal Popups on Exit

Pages per session are an essential SEO ranking factor. Ideally, you want your target audience to browse several pages. Short website visits don’t generate leads or sales.

Creating a WordPress Popup on exit might help. An exit popup is non-intrusive, so you don’t have to worry about losing them. Instead, you can provide unique offers and messages to keep them onboard.

Determine Your WordPress Popup’s Location

The final decision is where to place your WordPress Popup. Most WordPress popup plugins allow you to choose specific web pages. Or, you can have the same modal popup appear on all the pages.

More About Popup Ads

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