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Our Business Is Simple.

We don't do anything groundbreaking. We aren't inventing anything, doing anything that no one else can do. We're just a website maintenance company. But the difference is, we do it with excellence. We treat our clients with respect, and in turn, we expect the same. We care about our clients and their businesses as if they were our own. Quite simply, we do what we say we're going to do, when we say we're going to do it. We're honest, reliable, and just dang good at what we do.

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Why the Name?

People in the website field are notoriously unreliable. It's hard to find good web developers who will do good work, finish on schedule, and be there again when you need them. Our goal is to be the exact opposite of that. So when brainstorming a name for the company, we wanted a symbol of reliability and constancy. A classic example is found in the sky. The North Star, named Polaris, is always in the same place. It sits over the north pole, and from our point of view, all the other stars appear to rotate around it. We make our living off reliability and trustworthiness, so Polaris seemed like the perfect name. Plus, it sounds pretty cool too.

Founder’s Message.

Hello, my name is Ryan Leisure and I’m the Founder and Head-Webmaster for Polaris. I started working with websites in 2008, doing freelance work out of my college dorm room. Quickly, I gained a reputation as a reliable “Jack-of-all-trades” web and digital marketing guru. I was able to build a nice little freelance business simply because of the fact that I cared about my clients and I did what I said I was going to do when I said I was going to do it.

Many years later, this same basic concept is still true. Treating clients with respect and serving as reliable and knowledgeable virtual webmasters and consultants is what we’re all about. We at Polaris aim to show you what a webmaster service can look like, and what it should be.


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