Whether you’re only serving a small, local community or want to reach the globe, it’s important that your brand has a social media presence.

Brands with one or more social media pages have the ability to broaden their audience, improve their search engine optimization efforts, interact with their market, and so much more.

Here are seven social media tips for business to help you create and organize a thriving community.

1. Take A Conversational Tone

There are tons of reasons people use social media, from keeping up with old high school buddies to posting adorable dog pictures or looking at memes.

Though our reasons for using social media can be quite different, browse 100 different posts and you’ll notice that almost everyone uses a conversational tone.
Social media is where most people go to unwind. Expect to see a lot of hashtags, slang, and abbreviations.

It’s okay to implement these into your social media strategy. In fact, most consumers prefer the more laid-back approach of social media marketing.

2. Keep It Brief

Although Twitter recently extended its character limit to 280, that doesn’t mean you need to use every character allotted.

In fact, less is often more when it comes to social media — at least when it comes to the posts themselves. Keep things quick and pithy.

A few short sentences are fine, but anything longer than that and you’ll lose your audience’s attention.

3. Cross-Post Content From Your Website

Growing your business with social media is so much easier if you’re posting regular content to your website. Blog posts, press releases, videos, and more are shareable pieces of content that belong on your social channels.

Not only will this increase traffic to your website, but it’ll improve your SEO efforts, as well, so you can climb up the ladder of Google rankings.

4. Post Frequently

While you’ll want to make sure that your posts are relatively short, it’s important that you post on a regular basis.

There isn’t a magic number that companies swear by, but certain social channels generate different results. Forbes found that brands that post on Facebook twice per day generated better results than counterparts who only posted a few times per week.

It’s a good idea to experiment with your posting schedule until you hit a sweet spot.

5. Don’t Take Criticism Personally

The Internet isn’t always known for being the kindest place in the world, especially on social media sites that allow for anonymity.

It’s important to listen to customer feedback, but don’t take criticism personally.

Often, the person posting mean comments is just looking to elicit a response.
It’s crucial that you and your team learn to spot the difference between an unhappy customer and a troll.

6. Use Your Social Media Channels As Back-Up Customer Support

On a similar note, plenty of brands have started using their social channels as a makeshift customer support headquarters.

Because of this, you’ll need to stay up to date with your social media pages. A customer may be willing to wait a few hours for an answer, but after a few days, you may have lost them for good.

7. Keep Your Brand’s Voice Consistent

Social media expansion can be a great way to establish or solidify your brand’s identity. If you’re just getting started, consider instituting brand guidelines to clarify what is and isn’t right for your brand’s voice on social media.

Our Social Media Tips For Business Can Help You Succeed

As you and your team begin to explore the world of social media from a corporate perspective, don’t forget to implement these seven social media tips for business.

Whether you’re looking to drive traffic to your website or just want to better reach your audience, social media is a great business tool.

Be sure to contact us if you’re interested in improving your brand’s web presence or generating more leads. We’d love to talk with you about how our services can help your unique brand grow.