In the world of e-Commerce, conversion is an important buzz-word. That’s because website conversions mean that your site turns people who visit into shoppers.

This is obviously important to revenue as well as building a loyal customer base.

High converting websites make passive income more effortless. But how do you achieve this gold standard?

Here are 5 tips for increasing your web conversion rate.

1. Make Your Value Proposition Clear in Your Content

All content should reflect your value proposition. Or, as some describe it, the qualities of your business that reflect your uniqueness and commitment to customers.

When creating content that drives web conversions, pay attention to topics and headlines that align with your goals. Skillfully grabbing the reader’s attention is a work of art.

Include early and often the values that make your message unique. Carefully select keywords that will boost your search relevance by focusing on the interests of your customers.

Customer appeal should be at the cornerstone of your company values.

2. Use Calls to Action

Every piece of content on your website is an opportunity to use a call to action. If you aren’t familiar with how to use calls to action to your advantage, click here.

A properly implemented call to action is as much about positioning and design as it is about copy.

Learn what works for you by partnering with a consultant, running A/B tests or both.

3. Keep Forms Short and Sweet

One trick to increase conversions is by using strategically-placed forms around your site.

Forms are good for capturing customer information and using it for retargeting campaigns and promotions that increase conversions. For e-Commerce stores, having a customer opt-in to email is a good sign of loyalty and interest.

But to get customer information you usually have to ask for it. The best-converting websites do that by creating concise forms in multiple spots around your website.

If you find you need to include more information, consider a landing page dedicated to that information instead.

4. Recommend Related Products

It makes sense that if a customer is scoping out one product, you offer products that make good bedfellows.

This can be done with some intelligent website design geared at increasing conversions.

Partner with a web specialist to learn more on how to offer product recommendations.

5. Make Sure to Track Web Conversions

All of this is for naught if you aren’t tracking web conversions. Make sure to put together a strategy for tracking web traffics and conversions that can be done with the help of a professional.

Rocking Your Website Conversions

Website conversions are like gold for e-Commerce pros who need to grow their brand. In order to get the most from your website follow these five steps:

  • Have a clear, relevant value proposition that shines through your content
  • Use call to actions effectively
  • Use landing pages to promote products that require more info and keep forms short and sweet
  • Promote products that relate to potential purchases; and
  • Track your conversions

For more information on how we can help boost your conversion rates, visit us here.