The average small business should be spending $75,000 a year on digital marketing according to experts. This isn’t a possibility for every small business and so some clever SEO solutions could allow your business to stay competitive. By using search engine optimization to increase your impact, you can get in front of your most relevant customers without increasing spending.

Search engines use “web crawlers” to go through the entire web and index the qualities of every single page, which allows them to return results so quickly. They rank pages for keywords, how fast they load, how well they’re organized, and whether they have duplicate content. This way search engines can give users the most relevant content at all times.

If you’re looking for ways SEO solutions could help save you money in marketing, follow these 4 tips to get the most out of SEO.

1. Use Local Keywords

The old method of analyzing sites for the frequency of keywords has gotten more sophisticated. Search algorithms now look for intention, context, and the local character of your keywords. If you’ve got the best pizza in SoHo, you need to mention more than the fact that you sell pizza in NYC.

Tell your customers where you are and search engines will pair you up with searches that emanate from your neighborhood.

2. Optimize Images

If you’re uploading images that are titled “XYZ123.JPG”, you’re missing the opportunity to add more relevant keywords. As more people search for products and services through image searches, search engines return results with keywords in the title of the files.

If your images say “best-pepperoni-pizza-Soho-nyc.JPG”, you’ll get far more hits than a bunch of random numbers and letters.

3. Subtitle Your Videos

You should be uploading video content no matter what industry you’re in. You might have noticed that Facebook, YouTube, and other sites hosting videos now upload subtitles automatically. This allows hearing-impaired people to watch as well as people who are scrolling by and might not have time to listen to a video.

When you make a search, search engines also search through video subtitles to find a match. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

4. Get A Guest Blogger

If you don’t already have a blog, it’s time to start one. You can take the opportunity to tell your story or share new ways to engage with your products and services.

If you know of some reputable people in your industry who you look up to, you should ask if they want to write one or two guest posts for you. They can raise your profile and you and raise theirs once you get a following.

SEO Solutions Are Cheap and Powerful

Implementing some of these SEO solutions shouldn’t cost you anything at all. Their purpose is to take advantage of the algorithmic structure of search engines to allow you to get in front of the customers you value the most. With a little bit of massaging, you can get these SEO tactics to bring in serious traffic.

If you’re ready to find new ways to generate leads or increase your web presence, contact us for tips on how to get started.