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WordPress Development

We can build you a new website on the world's most popular platform.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We drive more organic traffic to your website.

A/B Split Testing

We convert that traffic into more leads for your business.

What We Do

Personal, Responsive, Reliable,
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Polaris is a website maintenance service for businesses looking for a true partner in their web strategy. We pair you with a US-based, dedicated webmaster, with years of experience. Your webmaster gets to know you, your business, and your needs. Say goodbye to your website headaches and hello to your trusted technology partner.

Our Company Values

We believe in the value of building relationships.

If you're looking for a ticket-in, ticket-out, webmaster service with an overseas worker, you're in the wrong place. There are plenty of other services like that. But if you're looking for a webmaster who will come alongside your business as a trusted extension of your team, Polaris is the solution you've been looking for. We believe there's tremendous value in a high-quality web service partner. We provide a highly-responsive, personal, scalable solution to all your website headaches.

A Little Of Our Story

We're more than just a help desk.

Sure, we'll take care of all the content edits, layout updates, and maintenance that's essential to keeping your website rolling. But we'll also strategize with you, dream with you, and use our years of experience to help move your business forward. When you invest in our business, we invest in yours.

Let's Get It Started, Shall We?

“I’ve been fortunate to have my webmaster’s expertise for my web design projects for over five years now and I simply can’t say enough good things about his work. He is not only really good at what he does, but he also thinks like a marketer and entrepreneur. This is extremely valuable to me as a small business owner and internet marketer. I love the fact that I bounce ideas off of him and get his feedback as a trusted advisor. Simply put, he’s been a key component to the success of my lead generation both on and off-line. I consider him to be not just an outsourcer for projects, but an integral member of my team that helps me to grow my business and enhance the professional image of my brand.”

Shane Doll CPT, CSCSShaping Concepts

Here Are Some of the Things We Can Take Off Your Plate.

Website Builds

If you need a new website, we can build it for you. We build websites on the WordPress platform, the world's most popular CMS.

Managed Hosting

We provide premium managed hosting for our clients. If you've ever had to deal with down-time with a lousy host, you know how frustrating it can be. Our host has 99.99% uptime, and if there is a problem, we deal with it for you.

Backups and Security

We provide real-time hourly website back-ups that allow us to restore your site, within minutes, to any specific hour that you've been our client. We also provide security monitoring - a watchful eye on your website, eliminating unwanted access or hack threats.

WordPress Maintenance

Say goodbye to WordPress updates and the hiccups they can cause. Every day we check and perform updates to plugins, themes, and the WordPress core. Then we check your site to make sure those updates didn't effect the integrity of your website.

Edits and Updates

Want to add a page, change some text, swap out staff photos, adjust a layout, change the colors, upload a new logo, or fix that one thing that's been driving you crazy but can't figure out how to fix? We can do all that and more. Stop wasting time fiddling with your website, and send it all to us.

Advanced Analytics

Do you know how people are getting to your site, what pages are the most popular, and what percentage of traffic converts to a lead? We can help you understand the advanced analytics so you can better evaluate your website effectiveness and marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the art of improving your position in organic search results. That means getting your website in front of more of the people you're trying to reach. We do the research to find the keywords people are using the most, and then build a powerful campaign to target those keywords.

A/B Split Testing

If you're in the business of collecting leads, you should always be working to improve your website's effectiveness. This is done through experienced A/B split testing. If your website is currently converting 2% of cold traffic to leads, what would it do for your business if we bumped it up to 4%?

Emergency Support

If your website crashes right now, what do you do? If you partner with us, that answer is clear... you don't do anything. That's because before you even noticed, your webmaster already got an email notification and a text message and is already working to bring it back up. We're always watching and always here to help when you need us.

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